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Our Team

Etheros founders

Professor Sir Marc Feldmann


is an immunologist who discovered and pioneered the anti-TNFs, the World’s best selling drug class. He is a winner of the Lasker Award and former Director of the Kennedy Institute at Oxford University. He has founded several biotech firms.

Professor Laura Dugan

Scientific Lead

is a clinician and scientist who pioneered the Etheros technology at University of California, Wash U, and now at Vanderbilt. She is Professor of Alzheimer’s and Geriatric Medicine, a former Paul Beeson Physician Scholar in Aging Research (NIA) and Dana Foundation Research Scholar in Aging.

Dr Jack Scannell


is best known for his work on R&D productivity. He has extensive experience in drug and biotech investment (UBS and Sanford Bernstein), biotech drug discovery (e-Therapeutics PLC), consulting (BCG), and academic neuroscience (Oxford University).

Dr Subhasish Chakraborty


is an organic chemist with decades of industrial and academic experience designing, synthesizing, and testing new compounds. He was a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University between 2004 and 2016. He has worked in Dugan’s group since 2016, and has deep expertise in fullerene chemistry. He received his chemistry PhD in 1993.

Frank Knuettel II


has 30 years of management experience, growing early-stage companies; mainly as Chief Financial or Chief Strategic Officer. He has raised more than $300 million via venture, public equity and debt offerings. He has managed more than 15 mergers and acquisition. He holds MBA from Wharton.

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